Are you looking for variety in your meals? Perhaps you desire a change in culinary tastes or just wish to explore new cultures and their ethnic foods. Whether it is for dietary reasons or a sense of adventure, it is important to keep your palate entertained and understand how to pair your meals with tea. In that vein, here are some great lunch options to pair with a tea

  1. Green tea, which has long been a favorite of mine, is known for its subtle and vegetative flavor. Its aroma, meanwhile, is well-suited to mild and/or subtly flavored foods. Examples include chicken, seafood, salads, certain fruits (e.g. melon), or rice. As such, a combination of green tea paired with chicken or tuna salad would be delightful.
  1. Oolong tea and the proper etiquette involved in drinking it has elicited much debate. While some tea drinkers argue that the complexity of its flavor and aroma require consuming it on its own, others say it can be combined with foods that correspond to their green or black counterparts. For instance, greener varieties of this tea tend to compliment seafood and other sweet, rich meal options (e.g. fruits), while darker strains pair best with stronger-flavored foods, such as grilled meats and poultry. It is also important to note that this selection serves as a fine dessert tea. Thus, try combining a green oolong tea with a seafood salad and/or strawberry shortcake.
  1. Black tea, meanwhile, features robust aromas and flavors, along with the noticeable presence of tannins, which should be enjoyed with robust-flavored foods, such as red meat, pork, and spicy dishes. For example, Darjeeling, which is a commonly known black tea, is best paired with egg dishes or creamy desserts. Meanwhile, Keemun compliments meats, fish, and more international fare (e.g. Mexican, Indian, and/or Italian dishes).

Whether you are searching for new culinary experiences, wish to explore new cultures, or must make dietary adjustments, it is important to know how to pair cuisine with tea and keep your palate excited, as well as, entertained. Hopefully, these tips will help to accomplish that feat.