Do you own a Panini maker? Then definitely you love Panini! Panini maker is designed to grill and press different sandwiches that you like. You can have Panini for breakfast, lunch or even for dinner. Making Panini is very fun. Aside from saving yourself from buying foods in the shop people love to buy kitchen tools like this because they can customize and have their food anytime of the day without rushing to the shop.

If you have the ingredients in your fridge such as vegetables, meats mayo, and lastly bread, then you can make your foods not only for yourself but for others who were in the house. There are different kinds of Panini maker, but did you know that Panini maker doesn’t only make Panini? Sounds interesting, right? Well below are the top foods you can make from Panini maker.


Bake Cupcake

Who thinks that Panini maker can make small cakes? Well, the key to making it possible is the ramekins! Ramekins are very small just enough to fit in the Panini maker. First, you need to learn cake ingredient, so you have something to fill in the ramekin, once you have it, then you can fill in the ramekins and start heating up the Panini maker. It will take you 2-3x before you can finally perfect the right cake but when you finally make it? It’s worth it!!


Grill Bacons

Who doesn’t love bacon? Bacon are top foods in breakfast. If you like other ways of cooking bacon, then why not try grilling it? Panini maker makes a perfect grill for your bacon. Just sprinkle a little bit of oil on the surface and spread the bacon accordingly to your Panini maker. Press it bacon and check it from time to time so it won’t burn out.


Potato Smashed for you side dish

Again thinking about another way of cooking your potato as your side dish? Use Panini maker! We normally have either mashed potato or boiled on our dinner, but this time it’s no more boiled or mashed, but GRILL! How do we do that? First microwave a potato to soften, then Preheat Panini maker, put the micro waved potato in the Panini and press them. Perhaps grill for 2-3 minutes.


Grill Chicken Breast

Do you love chicken breast for your dinner? Don’t want to fire up your grilling machine? Then a Panini maker can do it for you! A ½ inch piece of chicken breast can be press from 3-4 minutes. Tip: brush up the meat with olive oil, so the chicken breast is juicy plus the surface of your meat is not dry or burnout.



Whatever omelet recipe you want to have Panini maker can cook it for you! Think of a Panini maker that you want. You can also check out recipes on the internet. Preheat Panini maker then sprinkle it with oil once it’s ready and your omelet mixture as well spread it according to on the surface.


Vegetable Grill

Want to grill your vegetables for your dinner? Grill it in Panini maker; it does great grilling and pressing! Easy to get without getting burn unlike in your big oven.

So here are just a few of what Panini maker can do! There’s more to cook in that amazing kitchen tool! Panini maker is worth buying for aside from Panini making we never knew it does more from what it is expected. If you don’t own one, we suggest starting looking at the best Panini maker and buy one now!